Thing Thing - Popular Saga action game, cool graphics and controls - Play online Now
Thing-Thing Series brought improved graphics and gameplay, many new weapons, and multiple levels to battle through

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Adrenaline Challenge Motorcycle - Cool Bike Game with addicting maps - Play online Now
Your object is to collect all the green tags and go to exit as fast as possible while avoiding collision.
Raiden X - Fly, Fight and upgrade your jet plane - Play online Now
Dodge obstacles, target you enemy and collect the bonuses to upgrade your plane.
Online Checkers - Play standard checkers against computer
Play standard against computer. Multi levels Hard, Normal and Easy
Street fighter Game - Play original streetfighter in flash online
Choose your character Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Chun li, Guile and more. Use special combo for powerful attack.
Dead Tree Defender - Defend your tree with your mad archery skills - Play online Now
Eliminate all enemies. Arrow range and speed depends on how long the LMB is depressed. The longer you hold the faster it goes.
Original Pacman in Flash - Real classic video game Pac-man - Play online Now
Guide pacman around the maze and eat all the little white dots whilst avoiding those nasty ghosts.

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Air Balloon Rally - Make Words Fast, Improve Your Vocabulary - Play online Now
Use your vocabulary to send the balloons to their destinations. Its time for Air Balloon Rally
Fire in the Hole - Mission based shoot and kill game - Play online Now
This game will remind you of the old video game. You are a soldier with many primary and secondary weapons.
Puzzle Bubble - Classic arcade game
Connect 3 or more bubbles of the same color to burst them before time runs out
Pirates - Fight with Cannon, missile, barrel and more - Play online Now
Your pirate team is consist of 3 members. The last standing team wins.
Rage - Endless killing action fun game, many skill levels - Play online Now
Addicting action game with many tactics, Get the tutorial first to fully enjoy the game.
Crazy Flasher - CS style game, fight with Guns Like AK-47, Mp5, Magnum - Play online Now
Use a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to fight your way through this top-view shooter
Boxhead The Zombie Wars - The Best addicting shooting game - Play online Now
Fight an army of zombies using awesome new weapons - Including automated turrets
18 Wheeler - Park your truck within time limit - Play online Now
This game is about you learning to drive a big 18 wheeler truck. Tons of Levels, tons of fun
Metal Slug - The best commando game with HQ graphics
One of the best games made in Flash. Though its in Japanese, you will love the graphics and controls
Conquer Antarctica - Cool penguins snowball fight - Play online Now
Little penguins aspire to conquer the Antarctic ice territory. Show how accurate your aim is.
Dirt Bike - Cool Addicting Motor Cycle Game - Play online Now
Ride your dirt bike through a challenging rocky terrain in this extremely popular game
Last Shot - Addicting Aim and Shoot Fun Game - Play online Now
You are to infiltrate a special weapons lab all is depending on you. Who will fire the last shot
Crazy Sim Taxi - Drive the cab in the big city and earn cash for upgrade - Play online Now
The taxi simulation game. You're job is to pickup and drop the passenger as fast as possible to get big bucks
The Black Knight Game - Get the gold for the king - Play online Now
The peasants are not paying taxes. Your job is to take as much as gold as possible with the swing.
Covert Front Mystery Game - You are a top secret agent in World War 1 - Play online Now
In Covert Front you are a top secret agent code-named Kara in an alternate history version of World War I
Practice Chapped - Fight your enemies with your sword - Play online Now
In the rock forest ten million shadows waiting for you. So kill or get killed
My Sweet 16 - Cool girl dressup and makeup game - Play online Now
My sweet 16 is looking for the next teenage superstar. They're having auditions in your town today!
Stunt Bike Island - Catch air n pull insane trick move with your bicycle - Play online Now
The Island of piapa is a tricky little island with jumbo hills for the top riders. Your goal is to rack up points
Idiot Test - Check to see if you are stupid or smart - Play online Now
Go through a series of simple but tricky test. Your observation does matter.
Creepy Crossword - Fill in the blanks in this Puzzle game - Play online Now
You will be presented with general knowledge questions and blanks to fill.
Drive & dodge - Interesting old video game style car game - Play online Now
Your control a car, driving anti-clockwise, which has to pick up all the flags.
Penguin Seesaw - Jump and break all the ice bricks - Play online Now
Break all the bricks with the help of penguin pair on see-saw
Snowball warrior - Have Fun Throwing snowballs at people around you - Play online Now
Throw snowballs as fast as you can with the right angle at the people walking by your side.
Space Invaders - Old classic atari game - Play online Now
This game will remind you of the popular atari game. Same graphics and theme
Snake - Popular cell phone snake game now in flash - Play online Now
play this famous nokia phone game online. Same rules as were in mobile
Cube Tema Play - Cool Puzzle Game and brain teaser online
Clear one of the two like colored blocks to clear them.
Wacky Words - Cool IQ based word puzzle game - Play online Now
Find all the words before time runs out. Words can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally and even backwards.
Cool Tetris Game - Online tetris puzzle Game - Play online Now
Complete the lines with falling colorful blocks
Online Superman Game - Cool Super-man game in Flash - Play online Now
Destroy everything comes in your way. Four different power levels
Dragonball z Game - Cool Dragon ball Dress up game - Play online Now
Many character dresses to choose from, Goku, Vageta, Picolo, Gohan
Bullseye Darts - Addicting Dart game - Play online Now
Very interesting aim tactic. Try to find the center of the moving aim and your skill will grow faster.
Mission Impossible - You are in the middle of enemy territory - Play online Now
Fighter jets & Fighter balloons fire missiles on you. Parachute Bombers land on the ground to kill you.
Midnight Strike - Nintendo Contra style game - Play online Now
Simple job, keep running and shooting. You find many advance weapon on your way
Suspense Game - Find Clues and fix items on the right place - Play online Now
Find the four pieces of mystery circle in a house. Use your logic to solve the hidden puzzles
Mama Fly - Shoot enemy bugs n bees and drop larvae - Play online Now
The main goal is to drop as many larvae as possible on nutritive substances, rotten apples, dog craps, etc
Dupligon - Improve your Memory and IQ level with this Drawing Game - Play online Now
You will see a shape in the box, remember it and redraw. Only the angels matters.
Mini Pool Flash - Play This best pool game online - Play online Now
A pool game with a twist, various ball formations that you have to clear in the shortest time possible.
Freekick Champ - Cool Football Free Kick Game - Play online Now
Take your shot if you can shoot free kicks to surpass the defense. if you play good you will get bonus round
Bowling Master - The popular 10 pin bowling game - Play online Now
The strike depends on your holding accuracy. Try to see how many pins you can knock down in a single bowl
Knock Out - Fun Addicting Boxing Game - Play online Now
Knockout your opponent with your punches. Use combos for powerful offence
Need for Speed Underground - Play mini flash version of nfs online Game
Shift gear at the correct rpm to beat your opponent. One mistake and you are out
The King of Fighters - Play this popular Fighting Video game online
One of the old and popular video game. Choose your fighter, use special attacks and combos
Play Pengo - Classic maze video game in flash online version
You're a penguin in a maze made out of ice blocks, which you can push around. On each level, you'll be hunted by monsters that hatch from weird-looking eggs
Monkey Cliff Diving - Funny monkey game - Play online Now
Play this funny Monkey Diving Game and score points but be careful if your timing is wrong, they may hit the rocks.
Multi-player Darts - Cool multiplayer dart game - Play online Now
You can choose to play as a guest right away or sign in to enjoy membership benefits.
Bubble Bubble 2 - Classic NES game in flash - Play online Now
You complete each level by encasing your enemies in a bubble and jumping on them. Press CTRL to start.
Donkey Kong - Popular nintendo game comes to flash - Play online Now
Move mario over girders, leap over barrels, dodge lethal fireballs and jump onto fast moving elevators to rescue his girlfriend from DonkeyKong
Duck Hunt - Another Classic Released in 1984 by Nintendo - Play online Now
You're a duck hunter with your dog. Shoot your prey before it gets away. Click your mouse button to fire your pistol
Frogger - the popular classic frog game - Play online Now
Help frog cross the road and river. Earn reward points by catching fly on the way
Galaxy - Re-make of old galaxians game by Namco - Play online Now
Beat the aliens with your spaceship before they reach you. Colorful animations
Kung Fu - Classic karate video game remix - Play online Now
Punch and kick your way. Beat on the big bosses at the end of each floor unless to get to the last floor and rescue your girl
Super Mario Bros - Flash remake of the original Nintendo game - Play online Now
Reach the flag to proceed to the next level before time runs out. Make your way confronting the evil creatures to complete the level
Hit the Penguin - Nice, easy and simple fun game - Play online Now
Hit the penguin as far as you can. Timing of bat swing is most important if you want to pass the 300 mark.
Sonic - Classic saga game in flash version - Play online Now
Sonic is back along with three more characters tails, knuckles and cream.
Spiderman 3 - Fun and cool Spider-man flash game - Play online Now
Mary jane has been captured by venom. Help spiderman reach her in time by swinging across the buildings
Canon aim n shoot game - Stop the attacking enemy force with the laser beam - Play online Now
You are the last best hope for your people. Stop the attacking enemy force with the one remaining super laser cannon your dying civilization has
Fracture - An old style addicting spaceship game - Play online Now
Your aim is to destroy all the stones in space with your spaceship.
Link a Ball - Interesting and logical red and white balls puzzle game - Play online Now
Make chains with white and red balls to complete the levels.
Flash Strike - A Halflife Counter-Strike Style Flash Game - Play online Now
Shoot as many terrorists as you can with your desert eagle, M4, and sniper rifle
Sky Chopper - Fly and fight with a helicopter - Play online Now
Shot you enemy down, get the power-ups they leave to enhance your chopper.
Ghosts and Goblins Taito - Rescue the princess
One of the hottest video game of 80s. You are Arthur the knight, your goal is to rescue princess from ghosts and goblins
Megaman Polarity - Crossover of the Mega-Man VG series
You will go through 5 stages. The beginning of each stage will give you a brief overview of the objective
Autumn War Game - Plan your action and strategy in multiple missions - Play online Now
Command your troops as they battle of zombies. Your object is to Command the red unit and kill the green ones.
Marathon - Run and stop as fast as you can to win the race - Play online Now
Run as fast as you can to until you get the red tiles. Stop on the red area or you will lose
Galga Namco - Fun n classic space ship shooting game
One of the old famous video game in flash. Shoot at groups of alien ships above that occasionally attack